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SAFEAGAIN and Aiken Saddlery Join Forces

SafeAgain and Aiken Saddlery are teaming up to keep Aiken’s horses safe! With nearly 10,000 horses living in Aiken and many more visiting for International polo, thoroughbred racing, show jumping and dressage, fox hunting and more, Aiken Saddlery is taking the lead in making long-lasting, effective, safe bio-security technologies available immediately. 

Serious contagious viral and bacterial illnesses have recently occurred in Europe, the U.S., and Canada, shutting down racing facilities and horse shows on the U.S. East Coast and all national horse shows across ten countries in Europe. Many horses have contracted the neurological form of Equine Herpes Virus (EHV) since an outbreak in Valencia, Spain, with deadly consequences.

“As a horse owner, we share responsibility to become educated about disease risks, health hazards, and management techniques,” said Amy Doremus, owner of Aiken Saddlery. “Equine diseases pass via people and other horses or they are passed by inanimate objects that carry pathogenic organisms on their surfaces, such as brushes, halters, buckets, horse trailers, saddle pads, stall doors, and trucks. We advocate using non-toxic, chemical-free, safe products that are effective against many viruses and bacteria over long term. We also encourage products which are ready to use, to avoid complicated mixing and measuring.”

“Our products are made of colloidal silica and de-ionized water, which, when sprayed on any surface, from hands to hard surfaces or fabrics, leave behind nano-level crystalline spikes which covalently bond, and last until abraded off. The result is an invisible, residue-free barrier that acts as a mechanical kill, versus a toxic chemical,” said Lucy Duncan, Co-Founder of SafeAgain. “As a full time Aiken resident, I am thrilled to team with Aiken Saddlery to bring our products here.”

For an equine bio-security program to be effective, owners, handlers, and visitors have to be educated and committed to practicing proper disease prevention and control, every day. Aiken Saddlery will be hosting equine bio-security education days and webinars.

Go to or call 803 649 6583 for details. 

To learn more about SAFEAGAIN’s Equine Bio-Security Solution against EHV and other viruses, click here.

SAFEAGAIN Partner Spotlight - microsure

MicroSURE Bio-Security Equine Solution

Introducing MicroSURE™— The Breakthrough Sanitizing and Disinfecting Bio-Security Technology

SAFEAGAIN is proud to bring the complete line of MicroSURE Equine Bio-Security Solutions to the equestrian world. This solution disinfects against bacteria and diseases, and continues to disinfect until abraded off of the applied surface. Unlike many chemical-based disinfectants, MicroSURE is 100% safe and harmless to humans, animals, and plants, and can be applied by anyone.

The Technology

Recent advancements in science have enabled us to create nano-sized particles composed of inorganic, inert materials. Our MicroSURE products use fast-acting, nano-particulate silica that prevents bacteria and virus particles from attaching to surfaces.

Prevention Protection

Formulated to incorporate a “Mechanical Kill” mechanism of action, MircoSURE destroys bacteria and viruses.

Stringent prevention is currently the only method of containment for this highly contagious equine virus.

Safety and Testing

Free of bleach, alcohol, dyes, and fragrances, MicroSURE is 100% safe to humans, animals, and plants.

MicroSURE has been thoroughly tested by independent labs both domestic and international.

Product Application

MicroSURE dries on hard and soft surfaces, forming a covalent bond that remains active until abraded off.

Proper reapplication of MicroSURE builds lasting layers of protection onto each treated surface.

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