SKN Bio Pharma names SAFEAGAIN its exclusive sales and marketing partner worldwide.

Helping Businesses and Communities Around the World to be SAFEAGAIN.


SafeAgain makes major moves to grow its business development efforts.
Safe Ports and SAFEAGAIN Announce Collaboration for U.S. Government Bio-Security Needs
Safe Ports and SAFEAGAIN Announce Collaboration for U.S. Government Bio-Security Needs

Lucy Duncan, CEO of Safe Ports and Damon Mintz, CEO of SAFEAGAIN, NA, today announced the formation of a strategic Channel Partnership, which streamlines the procurement process and the on-site application services of microSURE and related products.

Louis Buck SafeAgain
SafeAgain is proud to introduce Louis Buck as our Director for Worldwide Agricultural Bio-Security.

Louis combines technical and executive expertise with proven leadership, natural resource management, global economic development, emerging alternative energy technologies, and most importantly, sustainable, and secure farm management. 

balarasa safeagain
SafeAgain Announces New Premier Channel Partner!

SAFEAGAIN®, a global leader in Bio-Security Solutions, is excited to announce the addition of Balarasa as a premier Channel Partner. Founded in 2000, Balarasa helps companies expand into new markets, new channels and new regions. Click below to learn more.

With nearly 10,000 horses living in Aiken and many more visiting for International polo, thoroughbred racing, show jumping and dressage, fox hunting and more, Aiken Saddlery is taking the lead in making long-lasting, effective, safe bio-security technologies available immediately…

Safe Again EHV-1 Equine Herpes Virus Equine Bio-Security

SAFE AGAIN! Equine Bio-Security RESPONDS!

Equine Herpes Virus has been spread rapidly and with devastating effects, not just for the horses themselves, but for the equestrian world and businesses alike. SAFEAGAIN is committed to preventing the further outbreak of this contagious, potentially fatal virus, from horse to handler and EVERY business.

Breakthrough Sanitizing and Disinfecting Bio-Security Technology

By partnering with SKN BioPharma, SAFEAGAIN is able to bring you microSURE™, which disinfects against SARS-CoV-2 (the virus responsible for causing COVID-19). Unlike many chemical-based disinfectants, microSURE™ is 100% safe and harmless to humans, animals and plants, can be applied by anyone, and continues to disinfect and eradicate viruses until abraded off the surface.

SAFEAGAIN Partner Spotlight - microsure

Our Mission

As a global leader in Bio-Security, our mission is to serve our Member Businesses and Communities by providing access to the most innovative technology and solutions to help them be SAFEAGAIN® in the current and post pandemic world.


Who We Are:

Great Companies Coming Together for the Greater Good

SAFEAGAIN was founded by Lucy Duncan and Damon Mintz in response to both of their businesses being severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic that began in March 2020. They came together to provide people around the globe with a platform that will allow them to start living their lives again, while recognizing that people are forever changed from this event. SAFEAGAIN provides education and access to the best technology available to make our world SAFEAGAIN and give people the opportunity to take back control of their lives.

“SAFEAGAIN provides the bridge between the new heightened global awareness of certain dangers with the need to live our lives to the fullest.”

– Damon Mintz Co-Founder, CEO SAFEAGAIN North America


North America

We provide our Members innovative technology, training on proven and effective protocols and ongoing support to not just make them SAFEAGAIN, but to keep them SAFEAGAIN. We serve Members in the following types of organizations:

  • Healthcare
  • Senior living facilities
  • Schools & Universities
  • Professional sports teams, leagues and facilities
  • Commercial and Industrial businesses
  • Local, State, and Federal Governments


We build and deliver safe, long-lasting resilience to the pathogens, bacteria, and viruses that threaten and destroy lives.  To do this, SAFEAGAIN is establishing local and regional partnerships for blending, bottling, packaging, and distributing our chemical- and alcohol-free products in:

  • The Middle East
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America

Meet the Leadership

With decades of top experience, the SAFEAGAIN™ leadership team is capable of assisting organizations of all types and sizes.

SAFEAGAIN leadership team Lucy Duncan

Lucy Duncan

Co-Founder & CEO of SAFEAGAIN International
SAFEAGAIN leadership team Damon Mintz

Damon Mintz

Co-Founder & CEO of SAFEAGAIN North America
SAFEAGAIN leadership team Nanek Saran

Nanak Saran

Operations, SAFEAGAIN


SAFEAGAIN™ partnering companies offer leading, and in many cases, cutting-edge and proven technologies. SAFEAGAIN™ will create a safety implementation protocol perfectly suited to your organizational needs and will assist in the implementation process. Once in place, SAFEAGAIN™ will be there to ensure you have the support you need to stay secure.

SAFEAGAIN Partner SKN biopharma

SKN BioPharma

SAFEAGAIN® Partner SKN BioPharma’s Breakthrough Sanitizing and Disinfecting Technology

SKN BioPharma’s microSURE™ product provides long-lasting disinfecting protection against SARS-CoV-2 (the virus responsible for causing COVID-19). This material has been developed in such a way, that it creates a “Micro-crystalline-like structure” to destroy and eliminate unwanted microbes. It is 100% safe, harmless to humans, animals, and plants, and can be applied by anyone.


microSURE™ Surface Sanitizer has been tested on, and has been proven to inactivate and destroy SARS-CoV-2 (the virus responsible for causing COVID-19) on both hard and soft surfaces

Surface Sanitizer

Hand and Skin Sanitizer

The Science

Recent advancements in science have enabled us to create nano-sized particles composed of inorganic, inert materials. Our MicroSURE™ products use fast-acting, nano-particulate silica that prevents bacteria and virus particles from attaching to surfaces.


The longevity, combined with the efficacy that MicroSURE™ products show in eliminating harmful biological organisms, make MicroSURE™ by far the best choice for eliminating viruses, bacteria, and fungi in any environment.

Dr. Erwin Lo, Neurosurgeon and founder, developed a wound healing solution to address issues with infection while he was doing missionary work in Central America. He later collaborated with a group of experts in material science and biotechnology to develop a soluble antimicrobial solution to protect any multiple diverse surface, including human skin.

Dr. Erwin Lo, co-founder of MicroSURE™, is a neurosurgeon with over 24 years of experience performing minimally invasive procedures, neurosurgical interventions, and peripheral nerve surgeries. His extensive mission work in Central America drove him to develop a solution that would treat infectious disease pathogens in the most extreme environments. Dr. Lo has dedicated the last 15 years to developing MicroSURE™ antimicrobial solutions. He has published his research in numerous scientific journals.

Dr. Erwin Lo, microSURE™ Founder

SAFEAGAIN CEO, Damon Mintz being interviewed by ABC affiliate about MicroSURE™ protection at Archbishop Hoban High School in Akron, OH.

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